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The primary purpose of PTEfor199 is to establish, maintain and promote high standards with the implementation of quality in the field of translation and interpretation. 
Mr Mmanu Bhardwaj, the founder of PTEfor199 aims to set and maintain high national standards for the translating and interpreting sector to initiate the existence of translating and interpreting experts, responsive to the changing needs of Australia's culturally and linguistically diverse society. PTEfor199 has a thought process to give the guiding direction to students with the goal that it turns out to be simple for them to finish the assessment and gain those 5 Permanent Residency Points.

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What is Naati - HINDI TRAINING ?

NAATI represents the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters and is liable for setting and keeping up high standard guidelines for language specialists in Australia. To gain recognition as a professional translator or interpreter, it is important to clear the NAATI. The NAATI test sample Hindi consists of two dialogues. Each dialogue consists of a conversation between a native LOTE speaker (Hindi) and an English speaker who will be responsible for testing your ability. You need a minimum of 29 scores in every dialogue and a general score of 63 out of 90 to give the CCL Test. Scoring over 63 will add five points to your PR focuses, and score between 55 to 62.5 imprints as unsatisfactory.

The educators focus intensively on your vocabulary 

Online Audio Dialogues as part of your sessions

Feedback sessions to maintain a flow of improvement




Together as a team, we will work on your translation skills.


PTEfor199 coordinators will look for the best interpreter for


Our CCL Faculties are NAATI Interpreters who hold proficient.


Your word knowledge plays a major role in your translation.

Let’s make your learning meaningful and successful!

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A progressive approach

  • In-house Study Materials:

    We put in additional effort to give you the best with our Vocabulary guides, sample dialogues as comprehensive preparation material to support your learning.

  • Techniques and Strategies:

    Our way of instructing is informative and educational. Our interpreters uncover every one of the basic hints and right strategies. These will assist you to do better in your test. 

  • Online Practice Tests:

    We make practice exams to test your interpretation capacity routinely. The tests are easily

We help you learn better

  • Our coaching is Result Oriented:

    The result is the definitive goal. Together as a unit, your translators will guide you towards your ideal objective.

  • Continuous Evaluation:

    Our team will provide you with several mock tests to assess your progress and assist in the areas where you can do comparatively better.

  • Best Facilities:

    With Audio dialogues, study materials that are updated and informative, our team gives you the best help for you to arrive at your ideal outcome.