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How do I prepare for the NAATI exam? Explain in brief.

Australian PR is a dream for so many people. After all, the country offers a great lifestyle and an opportunity of a lifetime to earn phenomenally well. But, the road to Australian PR isn’t such an easy one. With the wonderful opportunities the nation brings, people from the world over want to come and settle in Australia. Henceforth, scoring well on the parameter to be eligible to settle in Australia comes with conditions and competitions.

NAATI CCL exam gives 5 extra and important points in one’s course to settling in Australia. In order to crack the examination one has to answer two questions. Predominantly, the questions consist of dialogues between a native English speaker and a non-native speaker. Half of your dialogue will be in English and the other half in the Language Other Than English (LOTE) or vice-versa. Each question consists of 300 words with segments of 30-35 words, and you get only 20 minutes to complete your NAATI CCL Test. You clear the exam on achieving 63 marks out of 90 with 29 as the minimum marks in each dialogue.

For extensive NAATI test preparation, besides online coaching, it is important to devote to self-practice. Here are a few tips that we have listed down in the quest of NAATI test preparation course.
  1. Start with listening to TV shows. More importantly, focus on watching movies while also reading the subtitles very carefully.
  2. Pick the newspaper of your choice. Choose the article that you wish to read, and then translate it in the LOTE. Do this exercise incessantly until the exam has been given.
  3. Record yourself on your phone. Take a topic of your choice and speak on it every day for a minimum of 5-7 minutes. Then, look at the video and point out your mistakes and keep improving.
  4. From an article of your choice, mark the words of your choice. Paste the news on one side of the notebook and write meanings to the difficult words on the other side. After doing this for a week, write an article using all the words you have learned over the course of 7 days. Repeat this exercise for at least 3 months.
  5. There is no harm in going through the grammar rules daily. It will only help you use the language better.

With that being said, don’t forget that for the NAATI test preparation course PTE199 should be your go-to institute. Besides mock tests, individual attention is what hallmarks the quality we bring through the online classes.

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