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Improve Your Listening Score With PTEfor199

Listening is the last segment in the PTE test. The listening module tests your capacity to listen, understand and reply as per questions asked. There are about eight assignments in listening which are designed to focus on testing students’ various abilities. PTEfor199 offers online PTE training classes in Canberra and through this article, our team tends to help you with the Listening section, which most students are scared of.

Let us begin.

Following is a list of questions that you will find in your actual Listening segment:

  • Listening Tasks
  • Summarize Spoken Text
  • Listening Multiple choice Multiple Answers
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Highlight correct summary
  • Multiple Choice Single Answer
  • Selecting Missing word
  • Highlight incorrect word
  • Write from dictation


You must be feeling a little pressured while reading the number of questions within the listening segment. Relax and set yourself free from all the tensions. PTEFor199 delivers the best PTE coaching classes in Melbourne. Our team has the most useful tips for you through which you can surely improve your PTE Academic Listening Scores.


Summarize Spoken Text

This section gives marks for both writing as well as listening. You will pay attention to the recording and compose a brief draft regarding what you have heard from the talk. To score better, one should further develop their note-making ability and presenting the thoughts in an organized manner. Attempt to pick as many keywords as you can, and moving further, it is prescribed to utilize the template for your notes taken effectively. The marking scheme for this section is based on your article content, grammar, spelling and structure. Once completed with your task, you must consider proofreading to minimize errors if any.


Listening Multiple Choice Multiple Answers/Multiple Choice Single Answer

Both multiple, as well as single answer questions, will test your composing capabilities and how well you could associate the data with the recording to pick the right clue to form your answer. To focus on getting the right answer, read the question, then, at that point, skim the choice and relate the choice with the recording. Simultaneously, you can skim as well as listen to the recordings to omit or choose the correct option.


Fill in the Blanks

As the title suggests, you know what to do. You should type the missing words between the given blanks. To work on your scoring, read the record alongside the speed of recording. Continuously watch out for a word before the blank as it assists you with picking the missing word. Additionally, practice a lot of vocabulary, spellings and speed.


Highlight Correct Summary 

This assignment will test your capacity, to sum up, the entire recording. You should choose the choice that best identifies with the recording. Skim the choice while listening. Likewise, take a note of keywords and relate them to the choice to pick the best one.

Our experts at PTEfor199 give the best

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Select Missing Words 

In this particular task, the final words or the expression of the recording will be replaced by an unclear or beep sound. From the given choices you should pick the best one to finish the entire sentence structure. Look at the choices before recording begins, this will give you an idea beforehand of what might suit but remember, always go according to the recording. Attempt to comprehend the entire setting of the recording and give close consideration to the last expression of the recording to pick the most ideal choice.

Highlight Incorrect Word

You will find some traps within the transcripts, you need to identify those in the given record because they will always contradict what the speaker says. You should tap the various words in the record. Concentrate alongside the recording and quickly highlight any difference which doesn’t seem to match with what the speaker has to say.


Write from Dictation 

The PC directs the sentence and you should type precisely as you hear. Type as many words as you can. Capital letter for beginning the sentence and ending with a full stop is important. Finally, focus on proofreading and edit any mistakes or spellings.


Scoring in Listening 

Listening is all about how active and alert you are during this section. To score well in this section an everyday practice is a must. When you begin to concentrate and see a greater amount of what you heard, then, at that point, it is not difficult to understand. Thus, work on utilizing heaps of PTE listening material. Aside from practice materials, listening to news, narratives and speech projects will assist you with becoming accustomed to various ascent styles. Listen to simple as well as complex recordings to improve your standard. The more you practice the more you begin to understand the format of recordings.

PTEfor199 offers the best PTE coaching classes in Melbourne. Our counsellors will help you to deal with developing your listening execution skills. Visit our official website PTEfor199 and Enroll Now to explore the best PTE guidance.

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