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Role Of Time Management In Clearing PTE Test?


PTE Academic is a worldwide perceived English language capability test for several students who want to study or work abroad. To get into prestigious educational institutions around the world, students need to accomplish the scores required by colleges and schools. One of the main parts of acquiring a high score in PTE is Time Management.

PTEfor199 provides the best PTE coaching classes in Melbourne. We have noted down the significance of how crucial time management is to clear the PTE Academic test:


Diminishes the pressure: 

Managing pressure and keeping patience gets tough while performing a restricted time-based test. However, when you have a reasonable thought of what questions to perform within a determined period, the pressure subsequently reduces. The 180-minute test can be covered proficiently with effective time management skills.

  • The Speaking section comprises 5 sections in 27 – 43 minutes. For the speaking section, the clock is running, so you need to talk inside that time. Consequently, while rehearsing attempt to keep a watch on the time right from the first question to the last.
  • The Writing segment has 2 sections in 50 – an hour. For essay compositions, you can plan for the questions by rehearsing them completely before the test that too with a clock. Adopt a habit of rehearsing with the clock.
  • The Reading module has 5 assignments in 32 – 40 minutes. The reading section requires you to invest a lot of time. Do smart reading and focus on the clues.
  • The Listening segment has 8 sections in 45 – 57 minutes. In the listening area, you should focus on the sound as it won’t be replayed. Moreover, if you miss out on one question, there is no good reason for you to worry about it. Try not to allow it to influence your other answer attempts.

When you know the total time duration to be devoted to each section, you will plan out your way to accomplish all the modules.


Lifts your confidence:

With fixed and predefined plans to address questions, you deal with your time proficiently and effectively to fulfil the time deadline. Time management gives you a feeling of achievement and trust in your capacities.


Accomplish more:

One of the extraordinary meanings of using time effectively is that it permits you to be more useful by being more productive with the little time you got. Thus, you accomplish more significantly quicker, which allows you to audit and make changes if fundamental. For that, you need to practice ahead of time as training is a vital factor in using time effectively.


Performance Improvement:

Having practised effective time management before the test, you save yourself with last-minute changes which save your time. You don’t feel in a rush and quickly pick whichever choice feels right. Time usage assists you with achieving your tasks at a high-effectiveness level. Thus, it further develops execution and helps in scoring high.


Along with Time Management, the way to progress is Practice, Practice and Practice. PTEfor199 provides online PTE classes in Canberra as well. Our counsellors help each candidate with each aspect of the test, even guiding them in how to manage their time.

When you feel ready, utilize our Online PTE Exam Scored Practice Tests and see how well you are managing time and score advancement. You can pick the bundle according to your comfort. To know more about our PTE training in Melbourne, connect with us and our counsellors will love to help you out.

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  • Dimple
    September 29, 2021

    Getting all things under one roof is everyone’s need these days..and Pte199 is fulfilling that need and makes sure that we excel in our PTE test with desired scores..Highly recommended…The best trainer, excellent staff and A+ service….Hurry up and Enroll!!😊

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